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Material Innovations Inc.

15801 Chemical Lane

Huntington Beach, Ca  92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

Fax: 714 373-3091


Composite material manufacturing

MII provides composite fabrication services for production products, low rate production, and for prototyping one-off components.  MII employs standard and custom processing methods for consolidation of composites.  Examples of in-house capability include:

Autoclave Processing | RTM Processing | VARTM Processing | Modified RTM | Lamination | Hot Pressing

Compression Molding | Tape Wrapping | Metal Matrix Composite Casting | Tape Layup | Assembly | Joining


Unique to MII fabrication capability is the ability to resin infuse a wide variety of fibers, particles, and performs. Examples include fiber tows, weaves, random mats, and porous solids (e.g. Cytec’s ThermalGraph™ and POCO’s Graphite and HTC Foam Products).  Preforms are vacuum/pressure impregnated with a suitable polymer or metal matrix.  MII has separate facilities for these functions including a pressure impregnation vessel, pressure cure vessel with an integrated press, and precision lamination hardware.  Machining is under the same roof and is managed by our corporate sister Abrasive Waterjet & CNC Inc. (AWC).

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Text Box: Composite Wet-Layup Enclosure Covers
Text Box: Hi k Composite Radiator Construction
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Text Box: Compression Molding
Text Box: Hybrid Hi k Composite Module
Text Box: ThermalGraph Modified VARTM Infusion