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Material Innovations Inc.

15801 Chemical Lane

Huntington Beach, Ca  92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

Fax: 714 373-3091


Composite hardware—build to print

MII offers build to print manufacturing service for composite material hardware.  Addtionally, we also produce machine gear components, composite tooling, and electronic packaging hardware.  For electronic packaging, materials such as aluminum, copper, plastics, and ceramic (mounts) are routinely manufactured.

Pictured below are MII manufactured composite Radar workstation components for AWACS aircraft and VME avionics modules for F-35 aircraft (lower right)


Hermeticity with assurance for leak free performance is paramount which predicates the design envelop for all composite heat exchangers.  Advance composites with the correct design allows these heat exchangers to greatly exceed current thermal performance levels relative to metallic heat exchangers, while offering 20% to 40% weight savings.