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Material Innovations Inc.

Huntington Beach, Ca 92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

Cell: 714 339-1728


Mechanical material testing

Unique Mechanical Measurement Capability: MII specializes in performing unique mechanical measurements for the aerospace, sporting goods, and bio-medical industries. Unique mechanical test applications has included bulkhead fatigue testing for the Delta II booster, fatigue simulation for aircraft hydraulic actuators, fatigue and static evaluation of graphite composite joints for airframes, static and dynamic testing of artificial heart valve components, and interference-fit studies for integration of advanced high tolerance hardware.


Complex testing programs through the use of custom test fixtures and multiple sets of strain gages are performed with a test capacity to 20 kips. Evaluation of non-isotropic behavior of many composite systems is an MII forte’.


Standard Mechanical Measurement Capability: A cross section of standard mechanical testing at MII includes the following:

Other standard test methods available at MII include tests for plastics, fasteners, ceramics, and refractory materials.