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More testing information

Z-Direction/Through Thickness Thermal Conductivity Measurement:  MII also has a test fixture to determine Z-direction thermal conductivity.  A one inch diameter disk specimen is held between aluminum cylinders of the same diameter.  Heat is introduced into the upper cylinder by a cartridge heater and removed from the lower cylinder by a liquid-cooled heat exchanger.  Temperature sensors are mounted in each cylinder.  Linear regression is used to determine temperatures at the contact faces of the cylinders.  The temperature drop across the specimen can thus be calculated.  Thermal conductivity is calculated using Fourier's Conduction Law.

Thermal Resistance at Interfaces:  Contact thermal resistance can also be determined in this test fixture, if thermal conductivity of the specimen is known.  Contact load is controlled by a lever arm mechanism, and is measured by a miniature load cell.  This allows determination of thermal resistance as a function of contact pressure.  Thermal resistance is affected by both the surface condition of the contacting materials and by contact pressure between them.

Thermal Shock: MII has developed a number of facilities for thermal cycling and thermal shock.  Pictured right is a shuttle system that can cycle coupons from –320° F to over 500°F at multiple times per hour.  Data acquisition for hundreds of channels of temperature and electrical measurements is also available

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