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Material Innovations Inc.

15801 Chemical Lane

Huntington Beach, Ca  92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

Fax: 714 373-3091


Engineering design for product mfg

MII provides engineering and design for thermal & structural composites , composites tooling and for machine components.  Customers include both commercial and government agencies.  Emphasis is in design for thermal management of avionics, satellites, and lunar/planetary hardware.  MII uses the latest in CAD/CAM software and designs all components in the computer domain.  A prerequisite for all MII design activity keeps design modular, simple, and low cost.  Innovative design activity by MII assures that design concepts are production friendly and are low risk for qualification and for system insertion.  SDRC IDEAS and SolidWorks are the primary software foundations for this activity.

Text Box: Prototype Design—Hi k Heat Exchangers
Text Box: Composite HX Design and MFG
Text Box: Heat Exchanger Design
Text Box:  Tool Design
Text Box: Tooling MFG & Design
Text Box: Enclosure Designs—Active Cooling With PAO Fluid