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Material Innovations Inc.

Huntington Beach, Ca 92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

Cell: 714 393-1728


Data acquisition—custom solutions

MII designs and builds data acquisition systems for thermal testing, mechanical testing, and general data collection. Most systems are custom one-off platforms that are tailored to a specific need. MII develops various DAQ platforms for use in its thermal/physics laboratory and offers DAQ system development for various technical customers. Friendly GUI development is a prerequisite for MII’s DAQ systems.


MII develops its software code in National Instruments LabView and in Visual Basic for production oriented DAQ systems. Hardware choices are typically from National Instruments and Keithley Test Equipment.


Sensor types are nearly endless with thermocouples, RTD’s, voltage, current, strain, frequency, and resistance as common signal sources. MII builds systems to acquire hundreds of data channels which are stored to disk.

Text Box: SCXI Hardware Example from National Instruments