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Material Innovations Inc.

15801 Chemical Lane

Huntington Beach, Ca  92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

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thermal Composite heatsinks

MII is an innovator in designing and fabricating high thermal conductivity composite heatsinks for electronics packaging. MII also provides market insertion support for these advance products into both DoD and Commercial avionics markets. 

For the products shown below, thermally conductive composites consisting of Pitch Base Graphite fibers and preforms are exclusively used.  Constituent fibers and carbon preforms have thermal values over 800 W/mK with some highly crystalline graphite exceeding 1500 W/mK.  The manufacturing and design methodology used assures that all processing is robust,  low risk, and low cost.  Though many of these raw materials are expensive, MII’s design and processing approach allows these advanced products to be readily produced and are therefore cost competitive for their specific application.  MII’s goal is to assure that the product is production friendly and ready for introduction into the market

All hardware shown below greatly exceeds the thermal performance of all-metal heatsinks with 20% to 40% weight savings.