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Material Innovations Inc.

15801 Chemical Lane

Huntington Beach, Ca  92649

Phone: 714 373-3070

Fax: 714 373-3091


Thermally conductive Composite enclosures

MII  designs and fabricates advanced graphite composite enclosures and packaging for advanced electronics applications.  Aircraft and space vehicles are common markets where ultra high thermal conductivity at very low weight are driving requirements.

Components shown here are examples of composite designs that solved system problems through:

· Maximum thermal conduction and optimization at a competitive price point.  Designs For: Passive and Active Cooling solutions

· Control of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch

· Structural optimization through FEA and CFD analysis

· Minimization of weight—typically 20% to 40% weight savings

Advanced materials utilized are continuous and discontinuous pitch based graphite fiber, foams, and their composites.  Examples include K1100, K13d, P120, ThermalGraph, & POCO HTC Foam


Hybrid Composite Enclosure

Composite TWT Tuning Cavities—Satellites