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Coollok specialty retainers

Coollok™ Retainers are a revolutionary leap forward for clamping and securing High Power electronic modules into avionics rack and enclosures where maximum heat transfer is desired.  Coollok™ provides up to twice the thermal performance compared to wedge and cam style retainersOperational temperature is significantly reduced with this drop in solution for module retention.  Performance highlights are as follows:

· Significant reduction in both board and chip level operational temperature at atmospheric pressure and space vacuum

· Continuous high heat transfer through the Coollok™  retainer

· Coollok™  allows bi-directional cooling from both the module and through the retainer to the opposite coldwall

· Uniform clamping force is assured across the entire width of the retainer—much better than competing wedge retainers which only provide point loading at the slip planes

· Improved contact between the module to coldwall interface along the entire length

· Gear mechanism is designed for high thermal conduction and is self releasing and captivated

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